Kristi Lehtis grew up during the waning Soviet era, when store shelves were empty and chocolate was a rare luxury. Now Lehtis dedicates herself to making sure no Estonian child misses out on the pleasure of quality chocolate by handcrafting beautiful bonbons and bars following traditional recipes using the best Nordic ingredients, including cream, seaweed, sea buckthorn, and blueberries, many of which she picks herself from the forest. The novel chocolate-covered reindeer moss recalls the final mignardise course at Noma in Copenhagen, and chocolate shoe figurines are as exquisitely detailed as something you might find at Ferragamo’s atelier, only edible. Chocolala is the first Estonian company to be certified fair trade, opening a store in Tallinn’s old town area in May 2015. The Prime Minister’s office even gifts a box of their chocolate at state visits.


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